Future Majority is a national, nonpartisan, non-profit organization, encouraging young people to vote. By mobilizing young Canadians, they hope to encourage political parties of all persuasions to address the issues that impact young people. In 2019, Proximis was recruited by Future Majority to design the organization’s visual language, create their logo, design their website and make an animated explainer video.

Branding and Messaging

Proximis designed the entire visual language for Future Majority. With a new logo and a modern design language, we were able to create an identity which appealed to young Canadians. The style was intentionally designed to be versatile enough to work on apparel and print materials.


Video Production

Proximis produced a two-minute animated explainer video, introducing Canadians to Future Majority. The video’s art was informed by the visual language established in the branding process, allowing the video to have a cohesive look with the organization’s website and logo.

We produced both English and French language versions of the video, with the audio recorded in our in-house sound studio, using locally sourced professional voice actors.

Web Design

Proximis designed and built the website for Future Majority. As the organization is targeting young Canadians, it was important the website was responsive for both desktop and mobile users. Inspired by the visual language we designed for Future Majority, the website utilized bright colours, geometric shapes and subtle micro-interactions to create an enjoyable user experience and add legitimacy to the organization.