British Columbia’s oyster farmers produce some of the highest-quality oysters in the world. Proximis was recruited by the BC Shellfish Growers Association to create digital media products for a new marketing campaign to promote the industry and increase awareness about the benefits of eating locally-grown oysters. This campaign, called #BeShellfish For BC Oysters, involved a new website, refreshed branding and messaging, and a series of social and digital media ads.


Proximis created the campaign’s branding, with a new logo, colour palette and key creative assets. We also designed recipe cards, popup banners and infographics to help promote the cause.


Strategy and Messaging

Strategic targeting and messaging were designed to deliver several messaging themes tailored to different audiences. Content highlighting the culinary applications of BC oysters was targeted at foodies, seafood lovers and chefs, while content around the nutritional benefits of BC oysters was aimed at health-conscious individuals. This process allowed us to connect a broader audience with BC oyster farmers, through different interests, and encourage them to support the local industry. The carefully targeted strategy led the campaign to receive over 10,000 post engagements by British Columbians on Facebook.


Web Design

Proximis designed and built a new website specifically for this campaign. The website utilized a single-page scrolling design, allowing users to succinctly become informed on the health benefits of locally-farmed oysters. The website contained nutritional information, recipes and information on BC oyster farmers. It was based on the new branding to maintain a consistent look-and-feel, and integrated a responsive design to ensure it looked great on desktop and mobile.