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Lauren Belanger

Lauren Belanger is a Video Director and Editor at Proximis Digital Inc.

Lauren owns a snake, “accidentally” kills plants, and likes to remain a mystery. Habits include slithering into the office when nobody is watching, paralyzing her clients through stunning video products, and then slipping away quietly to another continent. Coincidence?

As the senior and most sought-after editor at Proximis, Lauren is a born storyteller whose passion for her work regularly takes our products into exciting new terrain. Her editing expertise ranges from feature-length content to ads appearing in cinema. With an eye for detail that exceeds all others, no “um” or “ah” is safe when this master is at work.

Prior to joining Proximis, Lauren graduated from a film school that was once known as Ryerson University, before freelancing for agencies throughout eastern Canada. Hobbies include hockey in the winter, softball in the summer, going to beaches, concerts, and jungles, redecorating the home, traveling the world, watching dogs in the city, and creating new hobbies. She likes baked goods, haunted buildings, and appropriate levels of lighting.