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Tim Harder

Tim Harder is a Cinematographer, Photographer, and Editor at Proximis Digital Inc.

Tim works at a standing desk. The only time he sits is while pedaling his mountain bike on his way up to some ludicrous descent, cruising at speeds barely legal to man. He is an avid photographer, has a musical background as a worship pastor, and adores cinema, and these traits directly translate into his storytelling ability at PRX. Living life one frame at a time, Tim is a client’s dream creator.

As a cinematographer and editor at Proximis, Tim is responsible for the creation of video content through all stages of production, from preparation to the final master, effectively capturing the stories of his clients.

Tim graduated Magna Cum Lauda with a BA Hons. in Theology from Rocky Mountain College and has always sought to approach his craft as a storyteller with the same wholistic philosophy as that honed in his studies.

An interesting fact about Tim is that he never leaves the house without a bottle of lemon water and a thermos of inverted Aeropress coffee brewed for a precise 1:45 mins, with exactly 18 grams of ground beans and 300 grams of water.