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Our sound booth is equipped to handle professional voice-over recordings for TV and film voiceovers, radio commercials, audiobooks, short films and more. This booth can be rented with or without a Sound Recordist to assist with recordings, depending on your needs and capabilities. Dual-mic tracking also available upon request. Guests will also have access to our lounge area which includes refreshments, a small fridge and microwave. Our sound booth is available for rent between 9 am and 8 pm weekdays. Weekend rentals available by request.

Capacity: 1 person

  • “Whisper Room” sound booth with producer talkback
  • Choice of Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics (Lauten LA220 FET or SE Electronics X1S) and class-leading Dynamic Mics (Shure SM7b or Shure SM58)
  • Apogee Element 88 audio interface with preamps and AD/DA conversion
  • Plugins including Izotope RX and Apogee FX Rack
  • Recording available in Adobe Audition or Reaper

$75/hour with a 2-hour minimum

For availability and discounts on day rates please contact us.

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