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Stefan Mekkinosson

Stefan Mekkinosson is a Video Director and Editor at Proximis.

Meet Stefan, the black coffee aficionado. He takes his coffee as seriously as he takes his job. No sugar, no cream – just pure caffeine-fueled productivity. Stefan is always the first one in the office, ready to conquer the day. And if you’re on vacuum duty, you better believe he’ll remind you of it.

Stefan is a video specialist, capturing his clients’ visions with the precision of a veiðimaður (that’s Icelandic for hunter, in case you were wondering). He started from humble beginnings in Iceland, and gradually worked his way up by obtaining a Diploma of Education in Post Production and Cinematography at The Icelandic Film School. He then moved on to work for the Icelandic National Broadcasting Station, creating trailers for all sorts of shows and commercials. But Stefan wasn’t content with just that. So, he packed his bags and headed over to British Columbia, where he earned yet another Diploma of Education in Post Production and Directing at Vancouver Film School.

Now, at Proximis, Stefan puts his extensive knowledge of Premier Pro, media composing, After Effects, and Photoshop to work. From animations to interviews, he films, directs, and edits all sorts of videos.