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Poorvi Shetty

Poorvi Shetty is a Manager, Creative Services at Proximis.

Drawing, sketching, and painting for most of her life, Poorvi is a natural visual communicator whose work experience spans countries and cultures, from Mumbai, to Dubai, to Vancouver.

Through a unique artistic flare and rich use of colour and texture, Poorvi is able to evoke emotion and inspiration in her work. Experience includes motion graphics illustration, websites, and print media, with a particular focus on non-profit clients.

Poorvi’s education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media with a sub-specialization in advertising, followed by a diploma in Architectural Visualization, and further studies in Graphics and Marketing at BCIT.

Outside of work, Poorvi is a foster mom who has housed dozens of kittens in loving homes. She enjoys watching Korean dramas, and as she twirls around to the rhythm of the soundtrack, her cats receive vivid flashbacks of their owner’s past as a semi-professional ballroom dancer. Present day, Poorvi still dances but to a different tune of mainstream Bollywood hits, many of which are on her gym playlist.