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John Manning

John Manning is a Creative Director/HR at Proximis Digital Inc.

As Creative Director, John approves almost every product before it goes out.

A self-described policy guy who happens to work in communications, John can barely draw a coherent stick figure. Thus it was a surprise one day when he discovered that his input to the design team had gone from “nuisance who wants a drop shadow on everything” to “generally helpful.” In fact, Mirim once told John with total sincerity that he had a designer’s eye. She instantly regretted it.

A similar story occurred in the video department. For better or for worse, there is a small portion of John’s soul in just about every video we produce.

John also provides oversight for our client strategy team, where his obsession with choosing winning strategies, strong grasp of numerical trends, and talent for anticipating risk make him a major asset to our clients.

Finally, he is all responsible for all HR needs, including recruitment, hiring, and ongoing training.

Vancouver is too warm for John. He prefers the cold weather of Northern (and Eastern) Canada, and has begun frequent trips to Canada’s arctic to compensate. Hobbies include rowing badly, play tennis mediocrely, skiing rather adequately, and talking quietly.

John has a BAH in Economics & Environmental Sciences from Queen’s University. Before the Proximis days, he worked in government, communications, and advertising.