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Adica Cho

Adica Cho is a Graphic Artist at Proximis Digital Inc.

Adica knits. Her weaves go over and under a thousand times, never a bad stitch to be found. She chooses the type of wool, patterns, colours, and styles to crochet into existence art in its purest form. The same level of care goes into her designs and videos, making her expertise sought out by the leading cosmetic company in Korea, several major Korean broadcasting companies, prominent YouTube entertainment shows, a TV animation series, and a branding studio in Singapore.

Prior to joining Proximis, Adica received her Bachelor of Furniture Design from Sangmyung University in Korea and a diploma in Motion Graphics. She has experience in creating digital illustrations, 2D and 3D motion graphics, video editing, and branding.

As an adventure seeker and a recent immigrant to Canada, Adica boasts a unique style of artwork that crosses the divide between two separate cultures. In the office, she loves to laugh and enjoys the sarcastic humor of her co-workers.